Free volunteer software during the Covid19 pandemic

Firstly thank you for your volunteering service. You wanted to do something meaningful and so do we. At Zoom we want to help voluntary organisations and private sector businesses like yours who want to deliver medicine, food or complete tasks for those in need to reach out to us.

We will give you free instant access to delivery software that will enable you to become like DHL over a cup of tea and a quick tutorial. You can then on-board your army of volunteers or even a handful in seconds and they can start to complete tasks on the Volunteer app in a few clicks. I know it seems daunting but don’t worry our leadership team has over twenty years logistic and software development experience. You’re in good hands. Here’s a quick explainer below:

Online Booking System

Our flexible online booking system will collect any kinds of details from your clients or your HQ.

Full Visibility

Map-based overview of your fleet of drivers, employees or volunteers and their jobs.

Automatic Dispatch

Automatic assignment of tasks based on the location of a task and on the actual location of your team members.

Full Control

Even with the Automatic Dispatch, you can always quickly reassign jobs manually.

How it Works