AI Already improving sales during China’s annual shopping spree.

Workers are practically swimming in packages at a sorting center in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province after China's Singles Day. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Thoughts we’d like to share


Thoughts we’d like to share


China’s major express couriers like ZTO Express, YTO Express and Yunda Express have incorporated AI in preparation for their 11th of November (Chinese Singles Day) shopping spree in China.

The logistics industry in China has more than 1,000 distribution centres, 180,000 delivery outlets and more than one million video monitoring cameras. In order to improve last-mile delivery, many express couriers now use some of the more controversial Chinese technology, such as Cloud Video Surveillance AI and routing algorithms to improve the efficiency of deliveries.

Workers are practically swimming in packages at a sorting center in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province after China's Singles Day. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Chinese Surveillance Technology at an intersection. (Image credit:

“Previously we used human labor to find out whether parking lots were available and whether there was traffic congestion. Now video cameras can replace all these manual monitoring efforts, they can reocgnise things that are going wrong and send signals of abnormal circumstances to the centre where people can be dispatched to tackle the problems.”

Ding Junzhe, Senior supervisor of the ORD centre in Deppon Express.

The use of AI in China has increased efficiency by 15%. A significant accomplishment, as the logistics market in China is the largest single market in the world.

81% of Irish Businesses believe AI will work alongside humans within 2 years.

Rapid advancements in AI and other technologies accelerating the creation of intelligent enterprises and enabling companies to increasingly integrate themselves into people’s lives.

Accenture Technologies Vision 2018 report predicts that in the next 3 years, rapid advancements in technology, particularly in AI, advanced analytics and the cloud are enabling companies to not just create innovative products and services, but c hange the way people work and live. According to the report, 78% of irish businesses seek to gain customer trust and confidence by being transparent in their AI-based decisions and actions.

81% of Irish businesses agree that within the next two years, AI will work alongside humans in their organisations as a co-worker, collaborator and trusted adviser. In order to achieve this, leadership in the company has to acknowledge the increasing impact AI has on people and move to raise their AI products to act as productive members of society.

Accenture Dublin HQ. (Image Credit:
artificial intelligence and big data

Amazon is a real-life example of this. Both its Echo device and the AI assistant Alexa have seamlessly integrated themselves into peoples everyday lives, to the extent that now developers are building decidated Amazon lockers into new apartment complexes and people are granting the company physical access to their homes via its smart lock system to let couriers make deliveries when no one is around.

Big Data and Irish Businesses

Data aggregation is still a struggle for Irish businesses, as they have to learn to run on data, which exposes them to vulnerabilities like inaccurate, manipulated and biased data that leads to bad business insights and skewed decisions.

According to reports, 85% of Irish businesses report that organisations are basing their most critical systems and strategies on data, but many have not invested in the capabilities to verify the truth within it.

This becomes increasingly fraught with difficulties as 45% of irish companies indicate they are working with at least twice as many partners than they were two years ago. That’s twice as much data being shared, and if unchecked, at least twice the amount of mistakes being made.

Innovations like virtual and augmented reality technologies are transforming the ways people live and work by removing the distance to people, information and experiences. 83% of Irish businesses believe it will be important or very important to use Extended Reality (XR) solutions to close the gap of physical distance when engaging with employees and customers, but only 14% state it is very important for their organisations to be a pioneer in XR solutions. This displays a somewhat risk-averse but open minded behavior, that could allow the next big innovation to XR to take hold in an anticipatory market.

artificial intelligence and big data
Data Aggregation Servers in a Server Farm. (Photo: Mint Images)

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